Y Tho?

  • Rob Sloan

Well…why not?

This year’s been a big one. There’s barely been time to take a breath between a website redesign, film pitches (exciting things in the pipeline!), building a self management tool for the NHS, unleashing a team of impressive MS Reporters on MSParis17, the biggest MS research conference in the world, organising the very first festival for young people diagnosed with MS from across Europe…it’s been 2x 2 fast 2 furious.

But sometimes it’s important to hit the brakes, take stock and ask a simple question… why?

Let’s face it, not asking why can be great – you can smugly close your eyes, maybe light a candle, run a warm bath, shut yourself off to the world and focus inwards, bliss.

But, in case you didn’t know, baths aren’t forever – the water runs cold and you end up a bit wrinkly…without asking ‘why’ there’s an inevitable uncomfortable time ahead…

As the year draws to a close I’ve been given the mouth watering task of going back to basics and understanding the ‘why’ that drives what we do at Shift.ms.

So…out of office is on for the month… but where to begin?

I’ve started by doing two things, the first is to work out a bit of a process…if my objective is to create a means of testing that everything we work on fits a real user need, I think I’m going to need to go through the following steps:

1. Personal development:

The first stage of my research is to look at the diagnosis of a long term condition in the context of life…What’s the process of psychosocial development that we all go through…? What theory is out there on the development of personality and identity…

2. The MSer:

Secondly, I want to understanding the MS landscape as it currently sits…what is the current understanding of the condition.

What needs do people have at each stage of their MS journey?

– MSer Journey
– MSer Needs
– Is there a way of mapping MSer needs to a journey?

3. The MSer and Shift.ms:

Parts of MSer Journey addressed by Shift.ms.

– Which MSer needs does Shift.ms address
– Shift.ms version of needs mapped to journey
– Understanding Peer to Peer / Information from experience:
– Evidence of Peer to Peer support / Value of information from Experience
– How Shift.ms fits in information gathering / decision making landscape for MSers

4. www.shift.ms journeys:

– What are Shift.ms user Journeys?

5. Needs Vs. Shift.ms:

– How we identify gaps in provision
– How we identify what content is needed to fill gaps
– How do Shift.ms organisational needs fit with all of the above

Secondly, I’ve used this list to help unpick a list of references, internal and external that are going to really drive the process…

This blog is going to be used as a bit of a driver for this work…so stay tuned for eureka moments, mistakes, inspiration…back in a bit!


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